Global usability test in 4 countries for Intel

World map with arrows pointing at test countries: China, Brazil, Germany and Japan

Test of computer-based software in Brazil, China, Japan, and Germany with 20 users in each country. Employing a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Loop UX coordinated all of the tests, assimilated and interpreted the data, and delivered four country reports to the client with a set of recommendations.

The project involved:

  • 80 users in four countries
  • 23 staff members in 5 countries
  • Planning, project management
  • Technical setup: streaming + recording video
  • User recruitment, moderation, observation
  • Analysis and reporting +400 pages and video
  • English voice over of 126 hours of video
Street in Berlin


Moderator and observer during a user test in Germany

Moderator and observer in Germany

Chinese block of flats


Chinese moderator observing a user test

Moderator in China

Streets of Tokyo


Moderators during the user test in Japan

Testing lab in Japan

Brazilian landscape


Brasilian moderators during a user test

Testing lab in Brazil