Loop UX talked about Chinese eBusiness at SIGCHI’s general assembly

Loop UX talked at SIGCHI’s general assembly February 27th 2014 in Copenhagen.

How to design user experiences for e-business in China?
Loop UX introduced the audience to the basics of how to design great user experience matching the needs and desires of Chinese consumers.

Chinese e-business has become one of the biggest and fastest growing markets in the world and no Chinese company can ignore this huge business opportunity, neither can companies in Europe who have ambitions to enter the Chinese market.

User experience design of Chinese e-business solutions has its own unique flavour. Chinese consumers have expectations for e-business solutions that differ significantly from the expectations of Danish consumers.

Wu Ye and Lene Leth Rasmussen gave the audience an understanding of the Chinese online consumers, showed examples of successful user experience designs for Chinese e-business and gave an introduction of how to design great e-business solutions that match the Chinese market.


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Presentation about e-business in China


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