We provide a mix of user experience services

At Loop UX we provide a mix of user experience services within user research, user experience design, user experience prototyping and user testing.


User research


UX design




User testing

User experience studies

Loop UX helps companies meet the needs of the end users of their products. By testing with end users and identifying local consumer needs Loop UX helps adapt products, services and interfaces to fit the users’ needs. We set up and execute user experience related studies: User tests, usability tests, concept tests, product tests, user research, consumer insights, focus groups, diary studies etc.

Integrated user research, design and prototyping

In addition to planning, executing and reporting a user study, Loop UX also helps clients create prototypes for the study and we do redesigns based on the test users’ feedback. By integrating prototyping and redesign into user research Loop UX delivers more than test reports listing usability problems. We deliver improved solutions already retested on users.

Global UX

Loop UX has experience with setting up and executing studies in several countries and our global network of consultants enables us to set up and execute user studies in any country, even within a tight time frame when our clients need it. We have extended experience in setting up and executing studies in emerging markets such as Africa, India, Brazil and China.

Usability Lab in Copenhagen

Loop UX has a fully equipped one-way-mirror usability lab at our offices centrally in Copenhagen.

When working with Loop UX you can bring along your colleagues to watch user test sessions live.

You can also use the usability lab for your own studies.

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