Social networking app in India

A research and design project about creating a social networking app for small business owners in India – an app with a picture and sound based interface enabling semi-literate users to use technology to enhance their business.

Man in recycling shop

A paper recycling shop in Pune, India

User test

Jhumkee from User In Design user testing a prototype with an tea stall owner

Untapped tech opportunities for micro biz

India has:

  • 25% semi-illiterate people
  • Probably millions of micro businesses, such as flower sellers and tea stalls
  • Many of these businesses are owned by people who are semi-literate or illiterate

Currently these small business owners get very little benefit from the potential of information and communication technology.

New low price tablets in the market provide opportunities for creating solutions supporting the huge volume of small business owners in India.

Innovative approach to design befitting unique needs of target users

Loop UX is collaborating with User In Design on designing social networking tablet apps targeting micro business owners from the bottom of the pyramid in India.

Through innovative voice and picture based user interfaces we deliver solutions which match the needs of semi-illiterate less tech savvy users.

Loop UX and User in Design are designing the concept based on genuine user insights built through user research, concept prototyping, user testing and iterative innovation.

Prototype screenshot

Screendump of the voice and picture based interface of one of the prototypes.

Want to be a funding partner?

User In Design and Loop UX are currently looking for a funding partner to help support further work on the project.

We are interested in partners who would like to support one or more of the following:

  • Design of user interfaces for low literacy users in general
  • Design of user interfaces for low literacy small business owners
  • Design of app user interfaces for low literacy users tailored for a specific business

Want to know more?

Project presentation PDF: social-networking-india-presentation.pdf

Loop UX

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User In Design

Phone: +91 98220 90937


Indian flower shop

Flower shop in Pune, India