Usability Lab

At Loop UX we have our own fully equipped one-way-mirror usability test lab. The lab facilities consist of a test room and an observation room. The test facilities can be rented on a daily or hourly basis.

We use the lab ourselves when conducting user tests for clients. Clients can watch the user tests live from the observation room, which has space enough for 5 people. We also have an additional room that can be used as an extra observation room with live video streaming or as break out area. See details and pictures below.

Rent our usability lab

If you would like to conduct user tests, focus group interviews or other user research studies yourself you can rent the usability lab on an hourly or daily basis.

We help you with the technical configuration of the lab to match your needs and provide you with general assistance. And we have a service minded hostess to welcome the test users and serve drinks etc.

Usablity lab panorama view



Features of the usability lab:

  • Test room.
  • Observation room.
  • One-way-mirror between the two rooms – enabling observers to view the users without being seen or heard.
  • Live video broadcasting of multiple video sources from the test room to the observation room: Of the user’s hands and the device being tested, of the user’s face, or of whatever is needed for the specific test.
  • Video recording of multiple video sources.
  • Sound broadcasting from the test room to the observation room.
  • Sound recording.
  • Mirroring of a computer screen in the test room to a monitor in the observation room.

Equipment available:

  • Eye tracker
  • GoPro 4 Silver
  • Ziggi HD USB document camera
  • Zoom H2next Recorder
  • Lavalier Lapel Microphone
  • 50 inch flat screen TV in observation room
Reception of the lab


usability test phone

Test room: One-way-mirror, user + moderator, video + sound recording + broadcasting.

Client observing a user test from the observation room

Observation room: Live video feed and one way mirror.

different setups for the room

Test room: We arrange different setups for the room

Bird’s eye view camera broadcasting live video to the observation area.

Additional observation and break out area.

Additional observation and break out area.

Additional room with live video broadcasting from the usability lab.


Camera with bird’s eye view


Test set-up with camera broadcasting video to the observation room


Webcam broadcasting user’s face and computer desktop to the observation room