What our clients say about us

Great benefit from engaging Loop UX

“Working with Loop UX has significantly helped us improve the voice of the customer during our development process. We have had great benefit from engaging Loop UX from early in the process, throughout the development and until testing in the field.”

– Frank Stigborg, Program Manager, Product Development, R&D, GN ReSound

Very satisfied

“We have been very satisfied with the results of the collaboration.”

– Maija Airas-Ceri, Head of Device Innovation and Pre-prototyping, Nokia

Great pleasure to work with Loop UX

“It is a real great pleasure to work together with Lene Leth Rasmussen and Loop UX. It is rare that you find an external collaboration which completely understands the depth of your problem definition – the ‘WHY’ – and takes ownership in helping you to tailor your project closer to the key questions.
Working with user-research design refines your findings and project in such a rewarding way – that I think it will be impossible to do otherwise!
Lene is positive, creative, professional and prompt to deliver. I hope to work with Lene on many future projects.”

– Anupma Farrington, Medical Scientific Liaison, MSD Denmark

Big role in the development process

“Lene’s (Loop UX’s owner) help with validating the product concepts and final designs has played a big role in the development process. Her professional handling of the task, from definition till recommendation for improvements/directions, provided me with confidence in doing things right and delivering value for our target customers. Never in the process you would doubt schedule, cost or quality: there is always transparency in everything Lene and her colleagues from LOOP UX are doing. Especially appreciated the part of taking project management side of the task extremely seriously. I would at any time recommend Lene and LOOP UX for research and design tasks.”

– Helga Someva, Global Product Manager, B&O

Strong communication

“Lene (Loop UX’s owner) is a strong communicator both verbal and written and knows how to tailor her presentations and findings to her audience.”

– Karsten Moesgaard, Senior Manager, B&O

Suggestions easy to implement

“We are very satisfied with the report and effort. [Loop UX consultant] have created several good suggestions and many of them are easy for us to implement.”

– Allan Larsen, Software Manager, Unisensor

The process opened our eyes

“We had the pleasure of collaborating with Loop UX on the GUI and UX for our coming mobile phone application. The overall experience was very structured, dedicated and enthusiastic effort […] The process opened our eyes to numerous new possibilities and we where presented with a number of interesting ideas and approches that was very different from our initial starting point.”

– Janus Heide, Founder and CEO, Steinwurf