A Full Service UX Research Agency

From user recruitment through in-field project management to reports – we navigate all the details in your user research study. Loop UX specializes in all aspects of international user research, and with a global network of skilled research consultants, we can set up customized user research anywhere in the world and help you gain rich, actionable insight.
Loop UX truly is a one-stop all-inclusive user research solution.

Local Team

With a local in-field project team to manage all practicalities, you and your team can focus entirely on gaining new actionable product insights.

User Recruitment

From screeners to incentives – we recruit respondents and take care of all respondent related tasks through the entire process of the research study.

Research Planning

Planning is key to success. Our skilled researchers and project managers support you in all aspects of the planning and execution of your research.

Actionable Insights

Your Loop UX team helps convert findings into actionable insights and recommendations in customized deliverables such as reports and presentations.

Simultaneous Translation

Thanks to our international network of professional simultaneous interpreters we help you catch all important insights and nuances on your research trips.

Video Deliverables

Creating compelling insight deliverables for your organization is key when doing international research. We can help communicate research results in videos that allow the viewers to understand the key learnings and the cultural context.

Where we do research

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Our Research Toolbox

Our trained researchers can help you choose from a variety of methods that fit your particular needs, including in-home interviews, usability testing, immersion activities, diary studies, focus groups, etc.

IDI’s in lab

In-depth individual interviews in a usability lab setting is a great research method to explore your research objectives and gain in-depth insight to your users’ behavior.

In-home Interviews

For an immersive research experience on international research trips, in-home interviews is an ideal method to gain in-depth knowledge and cultural insight by capturing the users’ emotions and perceptions in the context of their own home.

Focus Group Interviews

When you wish to explore your users’ different perceptions and attitudes towards your product conducting focus groups is a useful market research tool that can be paired with other research approaches.

Usability Tests

Do you have a new product feature that you’re planning to launch? Or do you want to test, evaluate and explore how users interact with your prototype? We can help set up and conduct usability tests worldwide – as well as in our own usability lab in Copenhagen.

Intercept Interviews

If you wish to get quick feedback from a large group of different respondents and explore different attitudes and opinions towards your new feature, service or broader research topic, we can set up intercept interviews in local cafes or community centers anywhere in the world.


During and after research our in-field researchers can help your team make sense of the observations and convert findings into immediately actionable insights through debriefs, analytical workshops etc.

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