Local Team

With a local in-field project team to manage all practicalities, you and your team can focus entirely on gaining new actionable product insights.











User Recruitment

From screeners to incentives – we recruit respondents and take care of all respondent related tasks through the entire process of the research study.






Research Planning

Planning is key to success. Our skilled researchers and project managers support you in all aspects of the planning and execution of your research.






Actionable Insights

Your Loop UX team helps convert findings into actionable insights and recommendations in customized deliverables such as reports and presentations.





Simultaneous Translation

Thanks to our international network of professional simultaneous interpreters we help you catch all important insights and nuances on your research trips.




Video Deliverables

Creating compelling insight deliverables for your organization is key when doing international research. We can help communicate research results in videos that allow the viewers to understand the key learnings and the cultural context.